It is our duty to maintain good physical health; without it, we cannot maintain a clear and strong mental state.


Dt. Saurabh Kaushik

(Founder of Aura The Diet Clinic)

Certified in Clinical Nutrition VLCC Institute 2018
 Type 2 Diabetes Educator 2023
Psychological Counselor 2023
PCOs Nutrition Specialist VLCC Institute 2021
Certified in Sports & Exercise Nutrition BFY 2023
Certified Yoga Instructor 2021
Certification in Hormonal Imbalance 2021
Certification in Food Myths 2020

Are you aware that Saurabh weighed more than 110 kg in the past? He made the decision to change himself first after learning about the proper nutrition and food choices. He had previously been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which he successfully treated with diet. Upon recognizing the effectiveness and favorable results, he made the decision to improve the lives of others and assist those in genuine need.

He has converted more than 5000+ clients to date, and the number is continually growing.


With us, leading a healthy lifestyle is now simple.

Aura The Diet Clinic is committed to promoting optimal human health by disseminating basic information on nutrients found in food components and by creating diet plans that are appropriate for enhancing the health of individuals, families, and communities. Our goal is to see daily improvements in people’s health.

We offer individualized exercise regimens, eating plans, and appropriate advice on nutrition, weight gain, weight loss, and staying in shape without interfering with your regular schedule or supplying powder. Every program offers thorough exercise schedules, dietary programs, and customer service. For the greatest outcomes, we recommend that you choose the package that best fits your lifestyle and that you can stick with.

We promise to deliver you the finest plan possible based on your needs.

Our Services

Our completely tailored diet and exercise program, which is centered on your goals and lifestyle, is what sets us apart. We regularly assess and monitor your lifestyle and eating habits, which enables us to design the most effective plan and program for you.

Customised Lifestyle Plan

We create a personalized lifestyle plan according to your preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Customized Workout Plan

We give you the best workout plan, especially for your gym & home.

24X7 Online Support

We provide you the 24X7 online support to motivate you and guide you for your healthy lifestyle goal.

Daily Follow-ups & Motivation

We monitor your daily progress and encourage you to stick to your eating plan from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Supplement Guidance

We suggest you the best supplements to maintain the essential nutrients in your food.

Pause The Plan

In case of any emergency and travel, you can pause your plan for a while & resume* it later.


Our Plans & Prices

We have carefully developed all-inclusive strategies to support you on your path to remarkable health and wellbeing. All programs offered comprehensive diet regimens, exercise schedules, and customer service. Give us a call at +91 99986 68853 to learn more.

30 Days Plan

  • Weight Loss/Gain Plan

90 Days Plan

  • Weight Loss/Gain Plan

Couple 90 Days Plan

  • Weight Loss/Gain Plan

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Aura The Diet Clinic is always available to provide you with the ideal diet based on your needs and to assist you in achieving the physique you want without negatively impacting your life. Follow us to learn more about how.

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